5 Relatable battles of A intp that is female

5 Relatable battles of A intp that is female

Growing up as an INTP feminine, i felt like, well, a freak. We never ever appeared to remain in one other girls. During my adult years, We can’t state much changed.

In a variety of ways, We meet with the INTP stereotypes, literally to a T. Logic guides the majority of my choices. I’ve been called “critical” more times than i could count. Video gaming and virtual globes are a lot much more comfortable for me as compared to world that is actual. And from college to focus, we have traditionally been shot because of the accusation that I’m “not meeting my possible.”

The INTP is just a uncommon myers-briggs character type, predicted to produce up just 3-5 % associated with U.S. populace. Being A intp that is female me even rarer, as the saying goes just 2 percent of females are this kind. Within the past, i truly did take to my fit that is best in, but in the long run, I’ve discovered to state, “F*ck it, this might be me.”

Listed here are five dilemmas I’ve skilled as being A intp that is female. Although every INTP is significantly diffent, and four letters can’t encompass all of we are, my point is that we INTP women aren’t alone in our battles.

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Battles associated with Female INTP

1. Significant other people call me personally “confusing.”

It’s perhaps not that INTPs just like me don’t have actually emotions. Continue reading “5 Relatable battles of A intp that is female”