Once I began asking concerns like whenever had been the account made and who was simply it paid to…

Once I began asking concerns like whenever had been the account made and who was simply it paid to…

today 12/22/15 my brother got a call by a group agency looking i owed money to JD Marketing back in October 2010, and even read my old bank account to me, they stated that JD Marketing tried to take funds from my account, but there were no funds available, they threatened me with court and jail, and that they have sent me numerous letters and emails which i have never received for me, i don’t know how they got his cell number, then within 10 mins my son also got a call from the same agency looking for me, i called the number that they gave my brother for me to contact them, they had my cell number and my social security number, and told me. i’m so confused.

Is December 29 2015, My name is Marie today. I received a calls that are few thirty days about a group. We have gotten two sound mails about gathering the quantity owed and also have been warned that contact had been meant to do this.

since i have could never be reached that other connections could be called to check out my whereabouts. Additionally, it absolutely was stated so I copied the number down and called to see what was going on that I would be served at my address to appear in court. We acknowledge that my credit isn’t the most useful but We kinda have actually a basic concept of who i really borrowed money from. Whenever I began asking concerns like whenever ended up being the account made and who was simply it paid to your agent beginning saying well if you’d like to visit court it could roughly run you in the upside of 3k. I became like nope don’t desire to visit court can not pay for it, I quickly told him I will pay it but can;t start until the end of January 2016 if it is my debt. He informed me personally which he could not guarantee my instance would hold that long, if i possibly could make an excellent faith repayment it could look as though I happened to be wanting to resolve the matter. I’m not able to perform that as my earnings will perhaps maybe not allow it. So he had been like i’ll phone you straight back in a few days, but before he got off the phone we asked if i possibly could ask a few pre-determined questions. First one being where did the account originate he ended up being like considering that the J D Marketing business covers lots of various agencies he could perhaps maybe not identify just how or where we sent applications for the assistance, he continued to ask me personally I was like yeah but always was rejected if I have ever applied for a payday account on the internet and. he then claimed the very last four for the account quantity as well as a nearby bank but because I have not had a bank account since 2008 like I told him that could not have been. I quickly asked him can I obtain the facts about the account and he explained that we owed, there was another RED FLAG that I would get it once I have paid the 710 dollars. Therefore we hung up and in under a quarter-hour a woman called me through the exact same business and said that no arrangement could possibly be made that far away and I also need certainly to make a good faith repayment of 50 bucks. We informed her maam We have one buck to my title she referring to calling me and seeing did I have the money tomorrow. We reported i will not get it then, she asked me personally then i asked why I haven’t gotten a letter or anything from then about this collection if i could call someone to ask for help .Nope no help. She jump aggressive therefore I got aggressive right back and shared with her being aggressive will perhaps not make use of me personally which is perhaps not assisting her i am going to spend your debt when it is mine but I do not have all about it. The good component is the man we chatted to first told us to lookup J D advertising and I also had been reading reviews while from the phone aided by the woman.

With the information I need to see what is going on so I owe you and you can’t provide me. then you definitely dealing with garnishing my check i shall get fired and you reveal will not get absolutely nothing.

I received a call from a girl because of the title of Kathy with Legal danger Management claiming I experienced a pay from JD Marketing and the amount owed by 1, 400 but they would settle for 400 day. If I became struggling to result in the 400 repayment they are geting to go ahead a move forward and begin the legal procedure for trying to commit fraudulence. We have never ever done company with this particular therefore called JD advertising they do not also show through to my credit history. All like a scam in reading the post several online payday loans Arkansas of you have written sounds.

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